How to verify your Domain on ProtonLinks

To validate ownership of your domain your are required to add a TXT entry in the your DNS records. The following sections describe the process to add a TXT record in Cloudflare, Godaddy.


Adding a TXT record in Cloudflare

  • Log into your Cloudflare account.
  • Choose the domain you want to verify.
  • Click on the DNS menu item at the left side of the screen


  • Click the blue Add record button

You’ll get a pop-down panel with various fields. It looks like this:

  • Change the Type field is a drop-down menu to TXT.
  • In the Name field, enter the @ symbol. This stands for your root domain.

  • Copy the text provided in the Content field.

  • Leave the TTL field to Auto
  • Once you’ve entered that, hit the Save button.

Adding a TXT record in GoDaddy

  • Sign in to your GoDaddy Domain Portfolio
  • Select  Domain Edit Options next to your domain

screenshot showing the option for edit dns

  • Select Add to add a new record.

select add new record

  • Select TXT from the Type menu options.
  • Enter the details for your TXT record
    • Name: The host name for the record. Type @ to put the TXT record
    • Value: The text string for the TXT record.
  • Select Add Record to save your new TXT record.

Most DNS updates take effect within an hour, but could take up to 48 hours to update globally.

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